Learning to play the violin

Both children and grown-ups are welcome to learn playing the violin. I believe in relaxed and enjoyable lessons. Playing together is part and parcel of them.

I offer strip tickets so that only the lessons actually taken need to be paid for.
A strip ticket is worth 10 lessons of 30 minutes and costs € 185.

Various methods are available, depending on the student’s progress and taste.
I also prepare materials myself, tuned to the pupil’s needs.

One Two Play

Playing together is fun and instructive. A lot of the scores available, however, are hard to play for one or both of the players. For instance, there are good beginner pieces for the violin that are too demanding for the piano part.

I write booklets with pieces to play together, ensuring that the two parts are equally difficult (or simple!) to play. At present two such booklets are available:

One Two Play vol. 1 – for violin and piano (simple)

One Two Play vol. 2 – for piano four hands (simple)

Play duets with your friends, parents or teacher!

Listen to some samples here!

On my page Order a composition you can read how to order an original piece of music for yourself or somebody else.