Order composition

Order a composition

Would you like a composition, a piece of music written especially for you and tailored to your needs? It is possible! I write music for almost any instrument and for various ensembles (including vocals). You can order a solo work but also a work for two musicians, a trio, a quartet or a special ensemble. Do you play with family members but find no suitable repertoire? Or would you like to play together in spite of levels being very different? It is also possible to have a poem set to music, for instance a poem of your own making.

The composition can be written for a special occasion, such as an opening ceremony, a birthday, an anniversary or a less pleasant occasion like a farewell. I can also make a gift composition for you. My music is tonal, which means it is comfortable to the ears. Modern, but still nice to listen to, emotional, rhythmic or funny. Below and elsewhere on the website you find samples of my work to get the impression. I also like to write for children.

The cost of the ordering of a composition

There is a fixed fee of € 250 for consultations, intake, discussions on the level required (from very easy to moderately difficult), listening to samples etc. The variable fee depends on the number of instruments and minutes involved. The first instrument costs € 150 per minute, each extra instrument € 100 per minute.

So a composition of four minutes with only one instrument will cost € 850. Each additional instrument will increase the cost by € 400.
For compositions no VAT is due.

How does it work?

You contact me to inform your requirements. If you make it an order, you will pay half of the amount due immediately. We then consult in detail concerning the piece. After the work is complete minor adjustments, if required, are possble. You then pay the second half of the amount due.

My fees are low because the copyright remains with me. This means I can use the piece for other purposes. As the client you can decide the title of the work, its performance and other uses, as well as the date of the premiere (within one year of the issue date).

The work is always dedicated to you yourself or another person of your choice.

Samples of ordered compositions

In 2015 I composed a commissioned piano piece for a six-year-old girl, Klara Khomskii from Vienna / Hamburg. Little Hands  was played by Klara during the Classics on the Amstelveld festival in Amsterdam, which was also its world premiere.

YouTube has a video of Little Hands.

This is a piece for string orchestra (in an amateur recording): A slice of pizza

And these are short sound clips made on my PC, no real musicians playing:

Brass Quartet (two trumpets, trombone and tuba)

Clarinet trio (clarinet, cello and piano)

String Trio (violin, viola and cello)